Tech Teardown: The Secrets Enabling Security Robots

Event Dates: 07-Sep-2021 to 07-Sep-2021

Commencing at: 1900

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: Free

Join Daniel as he will be sharing his insights, discussing current robotic capabilities whilst highlighting the opportunities and applications in the security industry. He will uncover the limitations behind current security robots and share how we can practically integrate robots to augment current industry practices.
Daniel is the founder and Managing Director of NXTGEN Industries. Starting his career over 10 years ago in robotic design for smart prosthetics, he later transitioned into building design and digital engineering. In 2017, Daniel found opportunities to enhance current industry workflows by introducing robotic technology into the buildings industry. From this, He became one of Engineers Australia’s most innovative engineers in 2018.

Daniel continued to facilitate growth and innovation by implementing robotic technology, later forming NXTGEN industries in 2019.

NXTGEN Industries is a robotics and data intelligence company focussed on enhancing industry capabilities through the adoption and implementation of robotic and digital technology. NXTGEN Industries is driven to improve safety, quality, performance and create insights through their solutions and services.
NXTGEN Industries provides industrial robotic design and build, robots as a service, perception and vision systems and consulting services.

NXTGEN Industries are leading the way as modern-day robots are progressing towards a collaborative paradigm where people and machine work together to achieve a common goal.


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